Meet The Volunteers

Meet The Volunteers
Black Hog Farmstead is a labor of love with an extra emphasis on labor. We would like to thank our many wonderful volunteers who help make it all happen. Who knows, we might even post some pictures of them !

Tom Shultz & Bob Dressel: Handymen who came to help and haven't stopped. From mending this gate to fixing that fence - and there's lots of both - they help keep the Farmstead in shape. 

Michele Jennings: Gifted and imaginative chef, good friend and all around contributor to the Farmstead. Michele can often be found picking and washing produce on Thursdays and Fridays with us.

Mark Foglietta & Margaret Wiebe:  Also good friends, Margaret is a trained chef, and provides serious logistical and culinary support for the Dinners. Her husband Mark provides support by waiting on tables, with clean-up and brilliant dish-washng. No-one can pack a dishwasher like Mark!

Dr. "Garlic" Glick and wife, Pam, partner with garlic  management and production, and help out as waiter and sous-chef, respectively, when needed. 

Peter Jennings:  Retired architect, married to Michele, helps with Sunday Dinners, setting tables and serving food. 

Karen Martinez: Karen helps ensure our produce is triple washed, weighed and packaged before going to market. This is a weekly, whirlwind Thursday & Friday activity in season.

Chris  and Hannah Dambly: BHF's pics. Chris is a wonderful guest who took great pictures of the farmstead and graciously allowed us to use them.

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