More About Partnering

The better Black Hog is cultivated, the better it produces which is why we have always been big on partnering with others to "sew seeds" and invest time into utilizing the farm to the best of our collective ability. Below are a few of the partners currently working with us at the farmstead helping us produce and bring to market some of the best products in their respective categories as we think you'll find anywhere.

Dave & Rosemary Baue of Baue's Busy Bees
After meeting at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market, the Baue's asked us if they could use the farmstead to establish a new bee hive after losing their bees in the winter of 2015. Now they tend, package and sell Baue's Busy Bees Honey through Black Hog and at various farmers markets in the area.

More Honey
The Lewes Beekeeping Club took up residency at Black Hog  when neither HOA of their respective housing developments would allow beekeeping anywhere on the property. Committed to the cause, Denise Bridgen & Paul Coons actively sought us out to help them continue with their passion. Still in its early stages, we can't wait to taste the fruits of their efforts.

Micro Greens
Tom Shultz & Art Finnel have set up shop at Black Hog growing microgreens and their progress and produce is wonderful. This came about after working with us to see how microgreens could support a seed coating project. But that's another story.

Dr. Ray Glick, DVM (Docter of Veterinary Medicine) began growing garlic at Black Hog after his HOA forbade gardens on anyone's property. Can you imagine! 
Starting with 9 varieties including Spanish Roja and scapes, Dr. Glick has had fantastic production and sells his garlic at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market and here at the farmstead.
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